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The World Is A Hoe By MsUnfiltered1 Updated Feb 04

" Promise." Luca commanded. Getting dangerously close to my area of discomfort.

" F-Fine." I groaned again forcefully maintaining the sounds of pleasure from coming out. My body was betraying me.
" Say it." His hands still crept up my trembling thigh. 

" I promise."I gasped, forcing myself to not react to him. My teeth clenched together giving me the oh so euphoric feeling of a almost broken jaw.

"I didn't quite get that." He taunted while his hands glided up further. " I PROMISE." I bursted out trying to keep him from getting any closer. Leaning in, Luca whispered piercing his fingertips on my inner thigh. 

" Good." 
Natalia Emerson 

She's somewhat a cliche but her life begs to differ once she meets the notorious Luca. When she finds out how his past effects effect her future will she stay, or will she even be alive to make that choice? Love is bittersweet but death is bliss.

This is an interracial story! Natalia is the melanin queen that's going to break the stereotype of how black women are suppose to act and feel! Love and support feedback and comments are awesome

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Silent_coco Silent_coco Apr 15
Killer: move and I'll kill you
                              Me: *dances to work by Rihanna*
LovleyShar2 LovleyShar2 Oct 04
Omfg I hate when I wake up and my lips are like that😂😭
I would've dipped without being told to, self preservation til the end.
You know nothing I tell you! Nothing! Everything is a lie! 😂😂😂 Sorry
tha_bvstard tha_bvstard Apr 26
I would've at least gave him a fake name 🤷🏿‍♀️ but hey that's probably just me