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Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}

Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}

27.3K Reads 789 Votes 27 Part Story
Trish By MateImNotOnFiyah Completed

Two heroes, gone. But that isn't the only issue. Before they left, they had been broken.

Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez jump at the opportunity for a new life, and dive into the deep end almost immediately. But what happens when their new master makes them climb out again and go back to Earth???

Another Chaos story to add to the huge pile. I promise that mine will be original!!!
(Note: tiny bit of swearing)

Cover by me

It hurts more when someone is disappointed in you than when someone is mad at you. I know how it feels.
look_its_elle look_its_elle Dec 15, 2016
I love how Chaos is like "Good, much easier for my gift shopping"
My birthday is on the 19th of august and my brothers birthday is on the 18th of august
lionheo04 lionheo04 Feb 02
When ur supposed to watch some math vids..
                              Reading on the newer iPad and playing the vid on older iPad
                              I can't play vids on my newer iPad anyway for no raisin
lionheo04 lionheo04 Feb 02
I can't survive one day.. wait, no, not even a half a day without food
Flufpups Flufpups Jan 14
This story is different that others.....
                              A good difference.....
                              In every other story it is Percy and Jason running away and in this one it is Percy and leo...
                              I like it