Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}

Percy Jackson: Replaced{COMPLETED}

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A human By MateImNotOnFiyah Completed

Two heroes, gone. But that isn't the only issue. Before they left, they had been broken.

Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez jump at the opportunity for a new life, and dive into the deep end almost immediately. But what happens when their new master makes them climb out again and go back to Earth???

Another Chaos story to add to the huge pile. I promise that mine will be original!!!
(Note: tiny bit of swearing)

Cover by me

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lazy_honeybadger lazy_honeybadger 5 days ago
Is it bad that I may only be reading this b/c my name is Natalie
Solangelo041504 Solangelo041504 Dec 14, 2017
Me: sees this
                              Me: realizes what this means
                              Me: screeches very loudly
                              Me: realizes it’s 5:00 am 
                              Me: Is smiling way to much
JennyWre JennyWre Nov 05, 2017
Me: *reads the word/name solangelo*
                              Me: *Very highpitched screetch*
                              My mom who's sitting beside me: Jenny, Are you okay?
                              Me: *hyperventilating and wheezing* IM FINE
CelestiaAnnabethSnow CelestiaAnnabethSnow Sep 07, 2017
So long as no one messes with my little Sun Angels, I'm fine.
Stiles_Roscoe Stiles_Roscoe Oct 10, 2017
I'm fine as long as there is one ship I ship in it, solangelo!
vivilife342 vivilife342 Nov 20, 2017
I won't hate, when ever I read a book with a ship I never expected of......I start to ship