Serendipitous. (Laurmani Fic)

Serendipitous. (Laurmani Fic)

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adjective: serendipitous

    occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Explicit Content. 

Cover by • @Camila_Cabello22

😂😂 Im dying in my class and my teacher is just staring at me along w some other students lmfao
zballstar2 zballstar2 Sep 21
I read tht as "ice cream colored sofa" and I'm like ice cream has a lot of different colors u gotta be more specific 😂😂😂
.... Okay i know the situation is bad .... But seriously spanish is a sexy ass language
😂😂😂😂😂 *Reach out and touch the lord as he understands*
Not in may family. The adults (or teenagers 17+) are drinking while the kids (or teenagers 13-16) are crowded in one room. *sigh* I love my family
Omigosh. I thoughht she was talking about the singer Sia for a sec and im like....isn't she mad older than yall.