The Alpha Link

The Alpha Link

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ryystevens By ryystevens Updated Dec 03

Cold. Alone. Dangerous.

Tamora Killian is all that, and more. At the age of 13, her family was ripped away from her from werewolves. Out for blood and vengeance, Tamora fights for her family's honour, for now she is the huntress, and the werewolves are her prey. 

As her war against them rages on, shocking revelations about her past will change her path in ways which will affect not only the future of the human race, but all forms of life as new threats emerge from the shadows.


The pictures used throughout the story are not mine, and all rights go to the owner/creator of the media.

*Contains some strong language and mature themes*

K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Nov 02
Not sure if the haha is really needed since you mentioned she giggles.
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Nov 02
Some might say that explaining a scharacters looks in a mirror is over done but im a fan of it. Good description in this paragraph.
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Oct 23
Sounds like a trap man. If the dude is insane and killed a person you'd think there'd be some caution at his house. Liek maybe the guy ia paranoid that they'll get caight or something.
ryystevens ryystevens Oct 23
Not even the best trained huntresses are invincible. I did that at the beginning to show no matter how young she is, she is still quite naive!:)
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Nov 01
Would she really be amused though? Maybe its just me but I'd most likely punch whoever woke me up like that. Not only would i be all wet but my blankets and bedding would be a pain to clean up. Haha all before having to drag my butt to school. Damn that would suck.
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Nov 01
Hahaha the fastest way to ruin someones day. Ice water to the face.