typing | a.f.i ✓

typing | a.f.i ✓

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shinycashton By shinycashton Updated Nov 08


unknown number: why the fuck would you hide my drumsticks???

tori: oh yeah, I'm sorry about that.

unknown number: i hate you calum !!

tori: oh calum is incredibly sorry.

unknown number: wait.. this isn't calum is it?

tori: took you a while.


calum's boredom takes over and he resorts to hiding ashton's drumsticks for entertainment.

ashton texts the wrong person. 

he finds tori. 

she's a barista who, ironically, hates him and his band.

#143 in fanfiction.

"6 seconds of sunshine" 😂 that made me laugh way too hard than intended
"I'm a 60 year old man, I smother whipped cream on my nipples, it makes me horny" best thing ever 😂😂