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Unintentionally Chased

Unintentionally Chased

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Erza By ErzaCrist Completed

"Call me sir" he demanded.

"What?" I heard it correctly yet asked again, to make sure did I hear  correct. 

"Don't your thick head get things at once?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows without moving his gaze from mine. 

No way I am going to call him sir, thick head! It's the second time he said that.... Err....What does he think of himself .

I cleared my throat and spoke. 

"Firstly, I'm not going to call you sir, I'm not your slave to do so. And secondly, I don't have a thick head" I protested. 

"Slave? Seeing a word by it's abbreviation" he quirked a brow "your thick head had a little knowledge in it" and supplied. 

This time he inched a little more while the corner of his perfect lips shifted to a smirk. 

Move back Mister. 

"Yes, I do see a word by it's meaning." I said, tying not to fall in his gaze. 

(S.I.R = Slave - I - Remain) 

He got closer and closer stooped near my ear while keeping his hands on the table either side of me, where I could feel his lips brushed against my earlobe when  he spoke in a low deep voice. "If you don't, I'll cancel this deal" 

'No! I can't let this happen'


I am either drown into the deep green sea or flew up into the bright blue sky, for sure I was lost in his blue-green eyes. 


Time marched by days into months and months into year. Everything in my life has changed but one thing remains the same. Years ago I would've never pictured my life the way it is now.

Oh my god I'm crying. So my mom died when I was young and this is making me cry.
ClaireS27 ClaireS27 Jan 25
I loved the poem and the starting of the chapter is so funny.
themanyaxe themanyaxe Jan 31
The last two sentences describes my listening ablity during classes.
xX_Nameless_Xx xX_Nameless_Xx Dec 15, 2016
This is a fantastic starting. You described everything very well! :)
jyothi89 jyothi89 Dec 13, 2016
Good beginning. Relationship between friends and a brother and sister is portrayed well :)
Dope chapter. I never thought I would continue reading until after a minute went by.