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The CEO's unexpected love

The CEO's unexpected love

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TheSecretWriterr94 By TheSecretWriterr94 Updated 5 days ago

"You're not allowed to touch me, remember", she said with a soft voice pushing me away. 

"I'm your boss, I can do whatever I want", I replied taking a step forward. 


Meet Aliah Samuni; a simple, religious and down to earth 23 year old girl, who lost her parents 5 years ago.

Meet Harris Cooper; he is cocky, rude, rich, has another girl every week and isn't friendly towards his staff. 

When Aliah Samuni is being hired as a receptionist in the biggest fashion company in New York, she meets Harris Cooper. The Harris Cooper, the most famous and rich business man in the city.  

Little does she knows, that the guy she insults and dislikes the first day is the CEO of the company, her boss. 

Can she change his life?
Can she make him fall in love again after a horrible past?

•The characters in this story aren't perfect, they sin like we do all the time•

•Possible mature content•

krazy_kiddo1234 krazy_kiddo1234 Dec 16, 2016
Hey butteryfly love your work and  in love with the way you write..I've also started a story "IT ALL STARTED WITH BAKING ".I would really appreciate if you could give it a shot and let me know your views through your comments
ShortGoddessofFood ShortGoddessofFood Dec 18, 2016
Bro your just like her what should I call you harrslut or slutrris
ashleedoesit ashleedoesit Dec 22, 2016
Yall how about i had to be out the door already on the school bus by 615
rice030ball rice030ball Jan 18
I love that for one people put hijabis and Muslims in their stories. Mashallah writer/author
waalaikumussalam to u too  i am already inlove with ur book and it only the first chapter!
GemaSari GemaSari Dec 23, 2016
She wears hijab, it means she is a moeslimah and it means she always wake up early in the morning for shalat subuh