The CEO's unexpected love ✔

The CEO's unexpected love ✔

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times."


He stroke my arm with his hand and carefully followed his own action with his eyes. 

"What are you doing?" I asked, pushing his hand away. 

He raised his both hands in the air as defense and tucked them away in his jeans pockets afterwards.

"I have a question before you leave." He smirked. He was going to ask me something stupid, I could feel it. 

I crossed my arms and waited for his question. 

"You can take your headscarf off as soon as we're married, right? I mean, we are married then." he said taking another step forward. 

He suddenly grabbed me by my waist, pulling me towards him. He stared into my eyes holding me with a huge strength I could never compete with.

It was at that moment I could smell a faint smell of alcohol on his breath. 

He was drunk.


Meet Aliah Samuni; a simple, religious and down to earth 23 year old girl, who lost her parents 5 years ago.

Meet Harris Cooper; cocky, rude, rich, has a different girl every week and isn't friendly towards his staff. 

When Aliah Samuni is being hired as a receptionist at the biggest fashion company in New York, she meets Harris Cooper. THE Harris Cooper, the most famous and rich business man in the city.  

Little does she know, that the guy she insults and dislikes the first day at work, is the CEO of the company. Her boss. 

Can she change his life?

Can she make him fall in love again after a horrible past?


Read #TCUL for a spiritual adventure with mystery, drama and occasionally some intense romance.

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AsthaKarna AsthaKarna Jan 01
She is like me then...and you won't believe me but the description of her I same as mine a lot.
datkidincali datkidincali Nov 16, 2017
“Your a jerk,” 
                              “why you trippin’ I ain’t even do nothing”
                              No just me... I’m sorry
evy_evans evy_evans Dec 09, 2017
Walekum assalam. So I wanna ask that whether Harris is Muslim or not
datkidincali datkidincali Nov 16, 2017
                              Me- “OMG! You’ve got Trump workin for you!!!!”