Mercy (Lauren/You)

Mercy (Lauren/You)

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Please have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart. Even though you don't mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart.

"Stop crying..." I said to myself, feeling the tears stream down my face.

*cover by: SLOTHTATO

knjvlogs knjvlogs 7 days ago
I was feeling happy cause what happened last chapter then I looked at the title and felt sad cause.....this is gonna be a sad story, I can feel it
knjvlogs knjvlogs 7 days ago
I'd be like......"um ok" *turns to lock the door* *mouths multiple curse words while my back is turned to her* *turns back around with a confident smile, dying inside*
conflictedjay conflictedjay 5 days ago
let me just..
                              *walks back and grabs my chicken"
                              okay continue
i left my friend outside while it was raining bc my living room was so messy
so baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover tht ik u cant afford like that tattoo on ur shoulder