Return Of The Father (Harry Potter fanfiction )[ON HIATUS ]

Return Of The Father (Harry Potter fanfiction )[ON HIATUS ]

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Emma By befuddled_thoughts Updated May 21

On the tragic night of October 31, 1981, Lily and James Potter lost their lives trying to protect their son. But when the laws of existence are defied fourteen years later, and James Potter opens his eyes again with no recollection of the events after his death, everyone, including the previously dead man himself, is at a loss for words. 

This was completely unheard of, something so bizarre. But what will happen? Father and son are united again, and will James's testimony be enough to convince the world that Sirius was indeed, an innocent man?

 Voldemort will stop at nothing to make sure that the job he had thought he had done was completed once and for all. James Potter will be in grave danger, and will he adjust to the new life and manage to continue being alive? And why on earth was he even alive to begin with?

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This is like my 100th time reading this book. It's one of my favourites!
Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes!! I've been looking for this story idea FOREVER!!! 👍👍👍(quite literally) author, I 💞 you, your brilliant! xD 
                              3:24am, have to get up at 10... to read or not to read...? 
philosynphonie philosynphonie Nov 22, 2015
OMG! I'm reading a german translation of your story right now, but now I'll read the original english story....
Siriusly_a_phangirl Siriusly_a_phangirl Nov 03, 2015
'Ello.... This is my 2nd time reading this story. To new readers, YOULL LOVE THIS STORY
Darkhalogirl3 Darkhalogirl3 Sep 02, 2015
I MUST READ IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes bite of magical chocolate*
7MakaylaMarcum7 7MakaylaMarcum7 Jul 24, 2015
Happy to try out a new HP book if it's any good you should make one where Lily comes back but not James. Girl power! or one where Harry is the Heir of Merlin and the Hogwarts founders.