The Billion's 2 : Pandora & The Angel of Death (GirlxGirl) (COMPLETED)

The Billion's 2 : Pandora & The Angel of Death (GirlxGirl) (COMPLETED)

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Book 2 (Billion's Family) 

With Blanche still in the hospital, Iris need all the help she can get. She wanted to find the person who hurt her wife so bad but Iris have to think about Zeva as well. With business getting out of hand, she seek the helped of a person she trust the most, Pandora. 

Pandora was a 17 year old girl that Iris adopted together with Blanche after the death of Pandora's parents. Knowing that Iris dealing with bad guys, she asked to moved out from the Vera mansion and live with one of the older maids. 

No one knows that Pandora was Iris adopted daughter. She made it cleared to Iris that no one should know that's she came from a wealthy family and mostly known for its notorious stories. 

After Iris made the decision to meet Pandora in school, Pandora's life has been upside down. Since then, Pandora was given a huge responsibility. 

Meanwhile, for Iris, she have to deal with her wife being sick and a war between crime families. With two major problem currently on her shoulder, she was known to be quite ruthless in her job. 

For that she was named 'The Angel of Death' among the gangs and the cartels. Everyone who crosses her line will meet his or her doom without hesitation. 

What happened when Pandora fall in love with one of Iris's enemies daughter? 

Will Iris found the person who hurt Blanche?

How will Pandora handled the situation she was forced to handle in such short time?

Will Iris finally feel at peace?

Read to find out.

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Lol I can't even do that. I only have 15 mins to prepare myself
-CallMeAl- -CallMeAl- Aug 10
What is a sugar baby? What does it mean or what does it do? I don't quiet understand what it means or what is it for.. Help anyone?
They have sex with them and the babies can buy stuff using their money?
bore_reader bore_reader Sep 21, 2016
Trust me you're not the only one. Lol I guess iris just have that effect around people
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Yey!!!another story . .
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