Book Covers/Banners 2.0

Book Covers/Banners 2.0

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•Believe• By JB_Justin_Bieber Updated 2 days ago

I make covers,banners,profile pictures,and everything that has to do with editing!

Don't rush me please!This is not my job,I just do this because I like it and I want people to be happy with their new edit!


I got some ideas/templates from:Classy_Stiles

- - Dec 10, 2016
Title: Rihanna Facts
                              Author: @-rihspxssy 
                               Summary: Facts about a queen
                              Character: Rihanna
                              Quote: Didn't they tell you that I was a savage?
                              Mood: Cool/Sexy
                              Idea: City background. 3 different pictures of her
httpjariana httpjariana Dec 30, 2016
Title: Horny
                              Author: httpjariana
                              Characters: Ariana grande & Justin Bieber
                              Mood: sexual
                              Summary: Ariana is obsessed and Horny for Justin Bieber at her school.
                              Quote: "no, just Horny"
Title:I WANT HER BACK (Chris Brown love story) 
                              Characters:Chris Brown and Lanashia 
                              Requests:Simple but interesting please 
                              (How do I send the pictures I want for you to use for the cover??)
-voidhoran -voidhoran Nov 21, 2016
Title: One Direction Horoscopes 
                              Author: -voidhoran
                              Characters: one Direction (obviously 😂) or just one of them individually 
                              Mood: fun and astrology 
                              Summary: Zodiac horoscopes based upon one Direction 
                              Quote: none
                              Extra: same as the other two :-)
                              Thank you that's all😂❤️❤️
Title: SHOOK
                              author: teasingbieber
                              description: a celebrity groupchat that leaves them shook 
                              Characters: justin bieber
                              Requests: make it simple, but aesthetically pleasing. I also want a cover similar to the book All I Want by @cummccann
TiannaTesfaye TiannaTesfaye 7 days ago
Title: You're mine 
                              Author: tiannatesfaye 
                              Characters: The weeknd & iloveangel2 (IG name)
                              Mood: dark but interesting