The Treatment of the Lower Orders

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Cate By whatcatydidnext Completed
This is a story about love and it's many forms. This is not a misunderstood, sensitive Guy of Gisbourne; here is an angry, frustrated man.
    But it is also the story of the shy, lonely, but valiant Elias, the second seamstress of Nottingham Castle, these are the trials she endures to have and hold fast to her love
I'm reading this on my ipad and can't post comments from there, but it's a wonderful story :) Great job!
truly incredible writing, got me hooked. You've got the reader drawn right into what's happening.
Yay! That is only a couple years after I went back to school. PM me with the details!
Without the blinking neon sign over your head? No, not at all.... 
I would reading this after reading the Road and Ghost, you have come a long way baby. ;)  
                                    And I knew you were a shameless hussy.
Hardly a "humiliation." You and I know we have seen far worse! *chuckle* As you say this is a few steps on the road and while they are not where you are now, they are nothing to be ashamed of.