The Physics Princess and the dummy: Science Project

The Physics Princess and the dummy: Science Project

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It all started with the science project.
  Plots are all mine, characters are not mine except for their personalities and backgrounds in this fanfic. Pure from my own imagination, similar works done before me is purely coincidence.

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desultorysmile desultorysmile 3 days ago
Wait. Aren't they at an institute, which means university/college? No teacher acts like this in college. And since when did colleges have principals? Isn't it the dean?
tzuyoda- tzuyoda- Jan 15
too many names & it took me a week to know all the bts names so
Tenjodan Tenjodan 6 days ago
No idea who Lovelyz are, I'm assuming the main girl of this fanfic is in the GIF on top? She's cute and how Taehyung looks at her... my god.
tiffanyaxoxc tiffanyaxoxc Dec 31, 2016
That was a shït comeback 😂😂 Its something 13 year old me would say 😂😂
......bish what??? smol bunny? "toddler"? are you referring to yourselfeu?
Acupoftaeandsuga Acupoftaeandsuga Dec 31, 2016
Oi why ya gotta be so r00d? Don't you know I'm human tooooo?