The Adoption

The Adoption

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xxBlueTopazxx By xxBlueTopazxx Updated Aug 14

Sequel to The Nanny...

Delia and Blake Anderson have been happily married for almost eleven years. They have three beautiful children and another one on the way...

Delia grew up in a loving household, with a loving mother, but that all changed when her mother died. 
Delia knows the difference between a loving household and a living hell. She experienced both...
Thís, her love for children and her caring personality, motivates her to adopt a child. 
All she wants, is to give a safe haven and her love to a child who has lost all hope...

Although the adoption is finalized without much difficulties, Delia will soon find that adopting is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you get two for the price of one...

  • children
  • drugs
  • gangs
  • hope
  • love
  • safehaven
  • siblings
  • tattoos
I agree with that, i too would like to adopt a child.i believe rha6you should treat the them the same biologically or dont gave birth to a child to become there parent.