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Broken Rules

Broken Rules

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◊ C ◊ By gorlsgirlzboyds Updated May 17

[Highest Ranking: #35 in Teen Fiction]


My name is Tamara Morgan, and welcome to Ridgeway High. You see, the school I go to, is very different from others you might of heard of, or been to. My school is run by a gang leader. A very handsome, menacing, one I may add.

How is this possible? You may ask? Well, if your dad is in a very high place in government and your mom is one of the best lawyers in California, it could happen, and it did.

Jacob Matthews.

Feared by everyone, whether your twice his size, or half his age, it wouldn't matter. Everyone knew how much power he and his gang held. Oh? Did I forget to mention that Jacob's gang, was the most dangerous in the country? Well, It is.

Jacob and his gang have laid many rules. Some smaller than others. The biggest rule at our school is Rule No. 7.

Jacob said, and I quote; "Rule No. 7: No one is to attempt to leave the school. If you still exceed to leave the school boundaries, you will be faced by severe consequences."

Everyone is too scared to face the wrath of Jacob, that explains why no one has ever broken that rule.

Well, until I did.

I'm 14 almost 15 and I still suck at spelling and grammar 😭😭
ixmeliexi ixmeliexi 6 days ago
Go girl! I started a series when i was 11 popular like your (180K readers) im so happy that im not. Alone
You're much younger then any author I ever had the pleasure of reading one of their works, I hope this proves my earlier viewpoint of me thinking younger authors are worse and unfit compared to other authors
addiction2read addiction2read Dec 29, 2016
Exceed is the incorrect word. Or if you use it, you have to leave out "to leave"
addiction2read addiction2read Dec 29, 2016
Don't put a comma after "My name is Tamara Morgan" (I think.)
sharlahn2002 sharlahn2002 Oct 31, 2016
That's great!! If u start young, you can learn from your mistakes and make it better in the future!!:)