Dorm Life: Not The Norm Life

Dorm Life: Not The Norm Life

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Lady_Artemis By CocoColie Updated Nov 10

Sam turner, 16 year old anorexic girl with a passion for art and soccer enrolls in a new private high school after returning from rehabilitation in hopes of escaping her hard past and starting a new life, away from the place where it all started.

Instead of staying in the girls' dormitory where she belongs, however, courageous Sam settles inside the boys' dormitory - as a guy.

While undercover, she meets her three noisy, messy, slightly immature but extremely boyish roommates, Alex, Mathew and Sky, who she struggles to put up with.

Because of her size, she automatically becomes a target in terms of bullying. When the guys take notice, they set aside a plan to protect their defenseless roommate, but what happens when they find out her true identity?

To make matters even harder for her, a mysterious person begins sending threats towards her, only known mononymously as "K".

Deciding that she's not going to just sit around letting K mess around with her, she decides to challenge whoever this person is. 

She goes undercover again, but this time as an anonymous person who's identity stays a total mystery to everyone, and uses the name "The Queen" to identify herself. As The Queen, she goes around in the middle of the night, giving payback to all the bullies at her school by pranking them and leaving them secret messages, with the intention of controlling school violence. 

The Queen later becomes rather famous, even though no one's seen or heard her in person before. All that the students and police officers can recognize about her is her signature, which is a small crown spray painted with gold whenever she made an appearance.

Unfortunately, she can only get away with it for so long until K comes back with more threats, mainly focused on exposing her and getting her kicked out of St. Hathaway Private Academy.

Sam's main mission, aside from bringing bullying to a stop, is to expose K before she gets exposed first.

How will her roommates be involved in all this?

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lol I hate him for no reason bc I feel like he's going to get in the way of my ships
Matthew Daddario (total hotty btw.) And Alec Lightwood. Jeez. If you got the reference, we can be bashtt frandss.
After he said that I just stared at the word " maybe" hoping the words " ten times sexier" were just in my imagination
ChimChim322 ChimChim322 Sep 10
Ouran. This is freaking Ouran but as a collage. And that guy is Honey senpai.
I see no problems honestly but the again I often get along better with guys