Dorm Life With Boys

Dorm Life With Boys

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Samantha Turner has just enrolled into college and, after checking into her dorm suite, discovered that she'll be living with three complete strangers who are inconveniently all males.

Sam now embarks on a journey full of daily pranks, games, parties, drama, Friendship, insecurities (haven't we all been there?), complicated love and hours of cleaning up after her messy (yet still super attractive) roommates. 

When they discover that Sam is having some issues, they make it their mission to help her get through it, and to protect her like she's their little sister - which has her a bit annoyed, to be honest.

Will she be able to cope with all this?

Warning: Extremely cliché content. Read at your own risk. Book is mostly meant to cause some laughs, since it's humor (obviously), so don't expect too much sappy romance stuff - maybe just one paragraph or so, where needed, but that's it. 

Published: 12 September 2016


Enjoy, my little mini pandas :3



There was this fanfiction where this chick liked Luke (Hemmings) or something and he gave her a. Dog where she immediately jammed the dog luke
Now when they tell the story of how they all met they can say, "Ya we thought she was a dude"
xxLioSSoAxx xxLioSSoAxx Aug 07
Honestly I lie a lot in that game. I don't even think anybody will bother to check if it's a lie or truth
cupcake721 cupcake721 Aug 01
People say my name wrong so much ibjust have a nick name for school. Sometimes I just want to say " No, bitch! Its Eva"
XxginyssnowxX XxginyssnowxX 2 days ago
MY NAME! Actually my name is Giovanna. But that's irrelevant
Man I'm honestly not scared like at all! or intimidated by that bitch 😒😒😒😒