Mending You And I

Mending You And I

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Mariam was an orphan. She had no last name. Her parents died when she was 10. Wandering around the dark street, she gets kidnapped at the age of 10. The kidnappers sold her to a greedy, rich people. 

Her new family were horrible and treated her like a maid. They abused her. But she never gave up hope in Allah. One day, she has guests in her home. The sweet and kind Saleh couple. 

Seeing Mariam's horrible past, they decide to get her married to their one and only son, Abdullah. Happy, that she finally has gotten rid of her horrible foster family, Mariam happily gets married. But her husband doesn't turn out to be the prince charming she imagined...

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kumari1234 kumari1234 Mar 09, 2017
Wow even the car is stupid for this cruel lady...😠😠😠
cheshireowl cheshireowl Jan 02, 2017
I'm muslim and this is my 1st time reading a Muslim story on wattpad :)
- - Oct 11, 2016
I understand how she wraps her hijab for respect in my family we all  basically do the same thing :P
StoriAnne StoriAnne Oct 27, 2016
It caught my attention. First time I saw a Muslim story on wattpad which is promising to read. Wanna hear firsthand female Muslim/Islamic story. Ot sounds sad and devastating.but I'm looking how will it turn victorious. Surely she's brave, formed to be brave by circumstances in life.