Mending You And I (Completed✓)

Mending You And I (Completed✓)

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#1 in Islam, Alhamdulillah! 

With No last name, no identity, a ten year old girl wandered the streets at night after looking at the burnt dead bodies of her parents. They abducted her and sold her to her new family. 

Let's just say they weren't as nice as Marium had thought. Regular beatings, restrictions, abusive treatment. That was the way Marium had spent the next seven years of her life. Despite all that, she always had hope that one day, Allah would send a knight in shining armor for her and he would take her away from the crappy life she had been living. 

And it did happen that way_or it seemed so. The sweet Saleh couple came to visit. Realizing what the young girl was experiencing in that household, they decided to help her out. Get her married to their one and only son, Abdullah Saleh. The Saleh couple were such nice people, surely their son would be the same right? 

Well, maybe not.


Abdullah, a 24 year old successful young business man. He might look cold from the outside but in his heart, he's not that bad. Despite his success in his father's company, he isn't experienced in love. And so, he starts liking the infamous Noor. Things were good for Abdullah. He was rich, he had a girl he liked and possibly no one to restrict him to stop drinking or going out with girls. But that was until Marium showed up. Let's just say, Abdullah was NOT happy with the decision his parents made.

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Stupid me! Even my sister tells me that but it's stored in my dictionary that's why. Jazakumullah khair sister for reminding me. I m not annoyed at all. I'm sorry I'll take care in shaa Allah
CatLuverr14 CatLuverr14 Mar 31
I did!!  Sister, never you inshaallah. It means create God..  It should be in sha Allah meaning, I'd God wills. 
                              I hope ur not annoyed dear..
VAHNIP VAHNIP 3 days ago
I really wanted it a human but...
                              I am sorry but I was soooo excited to read but it's all vanished when I saw that the character is an anime 😔 not that I don't like animes but..
kumari1234 kumari1234 Mar 09, 2017
Wow even the car is stupid for this cruel lady...😠😠😠
cheshireowl cheshireowl Jan 02, 2017
I'm muslim and this is my 1st time reading a Muslim story on wattpad :)
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I understand how she wraps her hijab for respect in my family we all  basically do the same thing :P