TALK TO ME || YOO Kihyun ✔

TALK TO ME || YOO Kihyun ✔

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M I N . Y O O . J I By minyoojiii Completed

She always saw him at the corner of her cafe, sitting for hours doing nothing, he never talk to anyone exept her worker Chae Hyungwon, because they know each other. He always order a cup of Caramel Macchiato.

She know his name, Kihyun, she know it since Hyungwon always wrote that name on the label on the mug for his order.

She want him to talk to her, so she stick a post it on his mug.

-- minyoojiii --

started   : 16.09.12
finished :  16.10.24

#260 in Short Story (17.11.17)


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that_one_kpop_lover that_one_kpop_lover Jun 27, 2017
Was I the only one who thought about the song Coffee by BTS???