Twins | Jungkook  {EDITING}

Twins | Jungkook {EDITING}

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『It's okay if it hurts me, I just want you to be happy because you reminded me of him』

Not gonna lie but this book might be the reason why you could get a bad headache right after.

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_Editing the cringy-ass "oppa" _

Started: 12/09/16
Ended: 02/07/17

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- - Mar 19
Gosh.....Was this inspired by My Lovable Girl? (Korean Drama)But youll get 2nd lead syndrome so goodluck 😭
ParkByun4 ParkByun4 Jul 29
Jungkook had some twin haha name jeon hiroto/hiroto akiyama hahaha they are look alike tho...but hiroto is japanese so....yep
maihommmmie maihommmmie Aug 26
I'm guilty rn  haha I always forget to vote cause I would keep following the story till it ends and get so engrossed in it haha
- - Mar 19
So u telling me theyve been ehh a couple since they were 11....?
H-how is that even possible?! 😐 Jungkook is 18 and Jiyeong is 19?, Another one.. Yumi and Jiyeong have been together for 6 years?.. Well.. relationship goals i think?
Y'all jungkook could have been born at like midnight and so he would be younger than jiyeong