The Fire in Her Eyes

The Fire in Her Eyes

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Lailah and Teresa By seellai Updated Jan 15, 2017

For KJ Simlia, home has always been temporary. Ever since her parents died, her and her foster parents have been moving around. Now, for the first time, she's arrived at America. But she's still wondering if this is just another move. 

 Its the first day of Semester 2, she knows no one, and the chance of friends seems unlikely as the chance of a permanent home in this new town. 
However, she soon discovers that this small town has more to offer than she ever could have believed. As a quiet friend and a blue-eyed boy begin to change her view on life, she begins to wonder if perhaps she might have found somewhere that can be called home. 
It's the beginning of Semester 2, and Colten Hayes' life- is dull. Boring. Uninteresting. Trying to keep his grades up- and keep his Eastbridge Woodlands College Scholarship, struggling to pay the rent of him and his disabled mom's small, cheap apartment, and afternoons spent at the record store with his best friend, Hunter, have become his repetitive life. 

But when a green-eyed, caramel-haired miracle called Kory-J enters his life, all of that begins to change. And he discovers that perhaps he still has a chance at escaping his average, mediocre lifestyle. And finding what he's always wanted- more.

**Note: Due to the alternating POVs, the chronology of this book may seem a bit weird at some points, for example a chapter may end at the home bell of school, yet the next person's chapter begins with them having a lesson on the same day but in the middle of it. All that means is we're catching you up on what the other person was doing that day, but by the end of the chap they most likely would have caught up to the other person. Don't worry though, we won't do this much. Thanks!

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