I Spy With My Green Eyes ((HIATUS))

I Spy With My Green Eyes ((HIATUS))

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Jake By Kangatail Updated Aug 10, 2017

At age six Natsu was severely bullied and felt all alone. But one fateful day a mysterious girl saves him from a major beat down from one of his bullies. After she helps him she'd come to his rescue every time he would be bullied. 

Each time she'd spend more time with him amd he found himself quite taken with her. She seemed to know everything about him but he never knew much about her. Only that all she wanted to do was to protect him and that she knew his family. 

They would meet up by the tree on Natsu's playground every afternoon until one day she didn't show and disappears. Brokenhearted, young Natsu makes it his life goal to one day find her and protect her as she did him.

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PuppyLOV529 PuppyLOV529 Nov 15, 2017
Now I’m wishing Izukun actually had friends to help him with Bakagou
MageNay03 MageNay03 Aug 29, 2017
I think his hair is really pretty I happen to like the color of his hair
PuppyLOV529 PuppyLOV529 Nov 15, 2017
It’s called stupid children and it’s the reason I️ stay indoors
Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Sep 10, 2017
I got bullied for being the most silent person in my school, until I stabbed a girl with a pair of scissors I am finally out of mental institution YAY!
SunRiserofstars SunRiserofstars Nov 02, 2017
HOW DARE U THINK OF TOUCHING THE CINNAMON ROLL💊⛏️💊🔥⛏️😑💊🔥⛏️⚒️🔨🗡️⛏️💣🔨⚒️⛏️🔥🔨⛏️⚔️🏹✂️🏹💉⛏️💊🔥🔥💣🔨💉🔫⚔️✂️⚔️✂️💣🔨💊🔥💣⛏️🗡️🔫💉🔥🔨
Ominous__00 Ominous__00 Sep 10, 2017
                                           ~yandere Dev