My Savior

My Savior

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18 year old Isabelle Halts has a sad background. Losing her brother, father, and two cousins in one night when she was ten really shook her up.
 Isabelle doesn't mind though. She shut off connections with friends and surrounded herself with books. Her brother was the closet thing she had to a friend and losing him had a big damage.

 What happens after one day of visiting the bookstore a drunk driver comes along and almost hits her. Keyword Almost. She was saved my Ryder Clamp the principals son. 

 She asks how to repay him and ends up his little servant. His Errand Girl.

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                              I know 'I have' is correct but ill have you know how much I despise un-merged words and formal talk.
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                              Bruh, really? 😝😝😂😝
TheCookiessAreComing TheCookiessAreComing Oct 29, 2016
There is no 26 month and i started school in 2010 and finshing primary school in 2016
Grace5122 Grace5122 Jan 12
Why can't I win the lottery? Why is my brother annoying? Because that's how life is. 😭👏
blehethan03 blehethan03 Nov 03, 2016
How has she not been in advanced classes already? I mean she's never gotten a grade lower than a 95%