Blood And Iron

Blood And Iron

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Kanae Yoshida By Shocker_Girl Updated Nov 03, 2017

Book 3 in the Shock Therapy Series

Now a young hero of the Powers Society, Narina Yukata is a fully fledged and licensed Super Hero. However, she soon learns the job isn't all righteousness and saving cats out of trees. Struggling to cope with the dark side of being a hero, Narina also has to struggle with the lack of support the World Government shows, in helping the Academy and Powers Society take down the corrupt King. 

Things only get worse however, when Narina learns of a terrible Genocide that has taken place in the homeland of the Ryuu people, where a group of Androids known as the Iron Forge is determined to wipe both dragons and humans from the face of the Earth.. 

Can Narina and her friends cope with the darkness of hero work? Or will the trial of Blood and Iron consume them all?

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ProgamerOnline ProgamerOnline Dec 04, 2017
Yeah railgun meteor him to moon. Hey kid if you get back alive tell me how was the trip.
- - Sep 12, 2016
Me When some random guy walk to me and says "I'm your brother in law." happens to me a lot -_-
MisakaLovesYou MisakaLovesYou Sep 12, 2016
Eh.. cant argue with that..  thats me on a Saturday with no homework and Writer's block.
- - Sep 12, 2016
*sighs* that moment when you realize some androids are as dumb as Patrick (although I love Patrick XD)
tigerarrow150 tigerarrow150 Nov 08, 2016
Just so you know, that word is actually a LOT stronger than damn it. It's often translated nice in anime. I suggest that you change it to something else. Though of course it's up to you.
MisakaLovesYou MisakaLovesYou Sep 13, 2016
You based that on that kid neighbor we used to have that spied on me through the bathroom window all the time. XD. Yep. I feel for Narina here.. that kid's parents just refused to do anything about it.. :(