All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted

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~Aleyah~ By AleyahRada4 Updated 3 days ago

My eyes went wide as I heard what he said. 

"Your mine. You will never leave. Your all I ever wanted." 

Alexandra was the stereotypical shy girl with nothing to look forward to, other than shoving her nose in a book. 

She wasn't very social. Her friend Cassie was all she had. With having a brother who ignored you after their mothers death, life isn't easy for Alex. Yet she pulls through. 

She always told herself she wouldn't let anything get to her. She loved her family, but they only ignored her like she was a waste of their time.

Always disappointed, Alex decides to leave. But her plan doesn't exactly go as planned.

Meet Alpha Mason. He's considered the bad guy. The cold hearted playboy. But he's anything besides that. 

When Alex stumbles upon Mason's pack territory, things happen, and secrets are revealed. 

~Hello, this is my first werewolf story, hope you all like it ^-^

~Cover made by my best friend in real life.~ 


WTF Luke that is so yesterday... people don't do that anymore.. UH DUH.
Fix it so it's not switching between first and third person cuz... it's confusing
Luke I will shoot you, and bury you in my backyard if you don't stop being an ignorant fûcker (excuse my language please)!