Mystic Messenger x reader (fluffs and Limes)

Mystic Messenger x reader (fluffs and Limes)

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I swear I have nothing better to do.... Lemons=I'm to innocent N O
Fluffs=%100 FAM
Make sure when you request to give me a description of what you sorta want unless you love the character so much you don't care what it's about.

I don't do lemons so please don't request them.... but limes are like cousins lol so I still do those! ^_^ 

(Ps don't go threw my search history.... T_T I beg of u....)

Please make sure to read A/N's because they are usually important no matter when they were posted I will say do this for other authors to they want u to read it ^_^ 

I don't own the characters or the game the credit for the characters all go to the creator of the game

So ur too innocent for lemons but not to innocent forlimes???
I wanna give out resquest but I don't know where  this story was made and if it's still being made but if it is I want there to be one where it's like Yoosung is still in school and you bump into him and you are in the same school and stuff and...yeah
Spacixx_ Spacixx_ Oct 25
707;; HOLY BOI :D  -- Make the story however u want but the main topic should be you being his child or something xdd
Sneafra Sneafra Nov 13
And one with highly lesbian jaehee and a never before seen side of her
707 xReader
                              Kinda want a low-key Yandere 707 with Reader chan being a popular college student...
I want Seven fluffs and/or lemons I dont care (mostly fluffs)