Mystic Messenger x readers

Mystic Messenger x readers

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I swear I have nothing better to do.... Lemons=I'm to innocent N O
Fluffs=%100 FAM
Make sure when you request to give me a description of what you sorta want unless you love the character so much you don't care what it's about.

I don't do lemons so please don't request them.... but limes are like cousins lol so I still do those! ^_^ 

(Ps don't go threw my search history.... T_T I beg of u....)

Please make sure to read A/N's because they are usually important no matter when they were posted I will say do this for other authors to they want u to read it ^_^ 

I don't own the characters or the game the credit for the characters all go to the creator of the game

follyowls follyowls Apr 01
Zen X shy/artistic/anxious reader? aaah idk sorry, I just want some fluff with my boy ;^;
Midnight_Wings Midnight_Wings Nov 09, 2016
I wanna give out resquest but I don't know where  this story was made and if it's still being made but if it is I want there to be one where it's like Yoosung is still in school and you bump into him and you are in the same school and stuff and...yeah
Kitcat0098 Kitcat0098 Jan 03
phangirl272 phangirl272 Dec 21, 2016
Please do more 707 x readers  cause I only see I one Im not trying to be rude or Anything its just he's my favorite character ^w^
Sneafra Sneafra Nov 13, 2016
And one with highly lesbian jaehee and a never before seen side of her
Yoosung please! He's my favorite. Have you done Yandere Yoosung yet?