A Snow Leopards Journey

A Snow Leopards Journey

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xThePeachyPearx By xThePeachyPearx Updated Jan 15

This is the sequel to The Alphas Mute Snow Leopard.  Book2

Damien Wood is the the son of the the alpha in the Iron-Blood pack, both of his parents were males. He was ok with being gay, that is, he was until he met his mate. His mate was none other than Zane Bradley. He was a human... And he was homophobic. Or at least that's what Damien thought. He stands and watches as his group of friends beat him to a pulp. Taking this as a sign of rejection, Damien isn't happy with the life he's living. It was never meant to go this far, supposedly just a little teasing. But Zane had his own demons. He had feelings for Damien Wood, and that truly scared him. He later finds out that he's a werewolf. What will happen between Damien and Zane. Will they work it out? Or will they separate due to complications that remain unknown. 

This is a boyxboy story so if you don't like it the. Don't read it.

I need to know the actual people who are "playing the parts of" each character