Lord Perseus  King of Olympus Prince of the Universe

Lord Perseus King of Olympus Prince of the Universe

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Greekfreek1 By Greekfreek1 Updated Jun 08

This is the Sequel to Percy Jackson three worlds collide
This is a Pertemis 
yes this is a guardian of the hunt story but not like the others 
yes Chaos will be making Appearances
This story will be in the third person sometimes it will be 
Written in someone's pov but mostly third Person

thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Oct 28, 2016
That was great!… However it was a little hard to read as there were no periods in between the sentences with you should be, and no quotation mark's. You also should create a new paragraph when someone knew is speaking
Greekfreek1 Greekfreek1 Dec 04, 2016
Yeah thanks for the advice im planning on probably recreating this one the chapters will be the same but it will just be in 3RD person and it won't be anyone's point of few I will just name up titles that reflect the chapter