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Katsuki Bakugou X Reader (One-Shots)

Katsuki Bakugou X Reader (One-Shots)

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Emilia 😘🤙🏻💁🏻 By emilythecurator Updated Jan 17

Hey guys! If you'd like to greaten the chances of me seeing requests then head over to my instagram! @emilythecurator

This is my first XREADER book, and there will be smuts, fluff, and much more, if you cannot read this kind of content please do not read

TheWildeFox TheWildeFox Jan 13
Roses are red, sometimes they're prickly, but I have to say, That escalated quickly
How are we? Because EVERYONE should know what happens after that right?
And Izuku in the background staring at them like what the faaaaaaak.... his innocence ruined and he ends up going to the mental hospital and getting treat meant for the next 10 years
Witcher1998 Witcher1998 Sep 17, 2016
I know I want you writing more this ❤️ 😘 and also your doing a great job;)
                              P.s I just read this today and now I'm like please don't stop 🙏🏻.
What's my name? Say my name!
                              YOURE GODDANM RIGHT IT IS
And you didnt notice
                              The SMOL green haired bean
                              That saw 
                              EVERYTHING 😂