Katsuki Bakugou X Reader (One-Shots)

Katsuki Bakugou X Reader (One-Shots)

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We have Male and Female readers!

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💥 Nicole / Insanity_Shadows / co-writer (break)
💙 Mary / Emotional-Bunny / co-writer

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-Makayla -Makayla Oct 03
                              Hypnotised!Katsuki X Innocent!Reader
                              Because I'm an absolute loOny ;)
MHA4605 MHA4605 Oct 06
Katsuki x Todoroki x male reading 😊 nothing’s better than two daddies
PeachOSeed PeachOSeed Oct 03
Wonder Bnha with Bakugou as the mad hatter and Reader as Alice! (They still have their quirks)
JennaGrimm2 JennaGrimm2 Oct 03
How about katsuki x extreme tsundere male reader? (Because tsunderes are awesome and yaoi is life.) Maybe like a smut fluff with a ton of baka!
AshiroHyuga AshiroHyuga Nov 05
How about a Christmas special? Reader x Kacchan. They held up a christmas party in the classroom and Uraraka with the other girls placed mistletoes around the classroom?...
Deezy- Deezy- Oct 13
Katsuki x Male Mute Reader! :0
                              And the reader has Liquid manipulation, he can turn his body into liquid whenever he wants, and if he times it correctly he can turn his body into water to avoid attacks.