imitation//stiles stilinski [3] sequel to "reality"

imitation//stiles stilinski [3] sequel to "reality"

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"I'm not leaving you!" He yells, the dread doctors coming closer. 

"GO! TAKE KIRA AND GET OUT OF HERE!" I say. I lift up my hand quickly, and a bolt of power shoots through it, making me stumble backwards. Somehow the power doesn't affect the doctors, and they get closer. 

"GO!" I scream one last time, Scott runs over to Kira and picks her up, even though he was being shocked by the electricity flowing through her, he busts through a door and leaves the hall. 

I turn back and the dread doctors are right in front of me, next thing I know a needle was jabbed into my neck, and that's all I can remember. 


«Takes place in S5 of Teen Wolf» (3rd book in 'illusions' series)

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nerdy_girl_cx nerdy_girl_cx Nov 26, 2016
Bro this entire time I was like where is he getting all this gas money from 😂😂😂