Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

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Raven ☕️ By RobRae_TT Updated Nov 23

She told them she was down, they let it slip by. So from then on, she held it all within. She told herself that she was all right. She was telling white lies. You could tell just by looking at her dull eyes. 

It was too late. They couldn't take a hint. Raven is gone. She's dead. Her suicide note still lays on the desk in the Investigation room, where the Titans tried to use the note in tracing her down. She went missing after they found the note that night. No rope, no pills, no blood. Just a note on her bed. And the bitter silence that remained in her room ever since. 

Then, just after seven months of her disappearance and five months of giving up on searching for her, the Titans found a clue. A clue that may lead to something astonishing. A remarkable event that bewilders the heroes and winds them into a spiral of intimidating observations and tracking. 

Could that suicide note simply be a mere lie? Is Raven still out there on the run? 


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lilfia04 lilfia04 Sep 17
Please update love ur stories there goals!!!! Whenever I posted a story I get about 26 views and no stars 😂😂😂
XD I liked it. And yay! Violence! Childishness!!! XD Death- I'm done. XD
Awesome! XD Teen Titans, death, and mystery! Some of my favorite things. Xzd