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After The Sunrise: An Undertale Fanfiction

After The Sunrise: An Undertale Fanfiction

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Just Another Fangirl By RomanticFirefly Updated Apr 25

It was really hard for you to make friends, until Papyrus came along. No one laughed at your jokes, until Sans came in with his own puns. No one watched anime with you at midnight until you met Alphys. No one taught you to stand up for yourself, but when Undyne came along, you learned. You couldn't consider anyone as your mom, until Toriel decided to take care of you. No human was you friend, until Frisk came. After the monsters came back to the surface and began to live peacefully with the human world, your entire life changed. Not only did you hear one of the greatest stories told, but you got to see the people inside the story, and make your own with them. Isn't that cool? But then, your story takes a new turn. Will you be able to save your memories, and your new friends, or will you just have to let them go?

     So, obviously, this is a fan-fiction. I have recently began to have a huuuuge interest in Undertale, and this is what happens when you put a crazy writer in a videogame. Inspiration. Now, I would like to state that I used to HATE HATE HATE fanfictions, because I didnt know if the creator of Undertale, Toby Fox, would approve. Now I understand that this is a way to show the creator of a work that you love his idea. This is dedicated to Toby Fox, who made a great videogame, and many loveable (or killable for all you genocide maniacs in the universe. Me, I don't have the heart to kill all those amazing souls...) characters. I promise that I will try to keep the personalities of your characters true. And this is for all the people who play undertale, and have wondered what it would be like to live with them, after watching the sun rise? It's not the best, but it's my best shot. Hope you have fun reading my story.

You just can't get enough of PIKACHUUU throwing lighting blades at team rocket. Forget team mystic! Where's my team rocket option!!!!
KateKayson KateKayson Jun 01
I'll name you Stevie, and Marty, you Keith, can't forget Devin, Oh and you Mike, Bob, and Will.
                               So far so good only 76 to go. 
                              (And yes, I did count them thank you very much)
if I had to pick a favourite character it would be Sans, no doubt. But if I had to pick my favourite Sans AU, that would be Fresh Sans. Fresh is my bae <3
FnafFan567 FnafFan567 Jun 29
Sans and Chara are at the top of my favorite characters list. Papyrus following right behind them
I LOVEd it! Eh,eh? Get it? 
                              My favorites are Sans and Alphys. I can't choose!
romulous romulous May 05
That's what happens when you watch a full season of dead man wonderland