My Alpha Bully

My Alpha Bully

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Chloe Hapi By Clowelz Completed

"Mummy!!! Don't leave me!" I screamed as my mother put me infront of a massive door.

"When a lady opens this door, you give  her this note, Okay?" My mother asked  handing me a note.

I slowly nodded, defeated. I watched as my mother walked away from me.

Alexia is now almost sixteen and she lives in the pack house. The only reason she is there is because of the Luna, she loves her so much. If it was up to the soon to be Alpha, Dylan, Alexia wouldn't be there. He hates Alexia. Alexia hates him. He makes everyday hell for her. 

What happens when Alexia finds her mate? Will he protect her from Dylan? What happens when Dylan finds his mate? Will he leave Alexia alone?

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  • werewolf
Because at least Lex has a kind heart, and doesn't verbally abuse members if his pack.
You've spelt the title wrong. I'm sure it's supposed to say 'Prologue'.
This guy should really read some werewolf books before stating stuff like that.
tur7le tur7le Jan 13
Even if she had any stis the only way u would get them is if u touched her genitals so if ur so fracking worried about it don't do that and I'm pretty sure if anyone is a stut in this situation it u so shut up!
Melody164 Melody164 Dec 27, 2016
Im sure ur mom was praying for her period, but got u instead... pitty..
CassandraCruz7 CassandraCruz7 Dec 25, 2016
Maybe she didn't want u it was maybe all a mistake, babe. Don't flatter urself without knowing the full truth