My Alpha Bully

My Alpha Bully

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Chloe Hapi By Clowelz Completed

"Mummy!!! Don't leave me!" I screamed as my mother put me infront of a massive door.

"When a lady opens this door, you give  her this note, Okay?" My mother asked  handing me a note.

I slowly nodded, defeated. I watched as my mother walked away from me.

Alexia is now almost sixteen and she lives in the pack house. The only reason she is there is because of the Luna, she loves her so much. If it was up to the soon to be Alpha, Dylan, Alexia wouldn't be there. He hates Alexia. Alexia hates him. He makes everyday hell for her. 

What happens when Alexia finds her mate? Will he protect her from Dylan? What happens when Dylan finds his mate? Will he leave Alexia alone?

I know my sister like I know my own mode you will never find anyone as trusting or kinddddddddddd
Yeah ist so clever leaving two horny teenagers in the same room at night right?
*your issue. You're means you are. Your signifies possession, ownership, etc. 
                              *A part. Apart means except or seperate from.
*cocks gun* Guess I'll have to give her, her second chance mate immediately...