The Ribboned Wizard

The Ribboned Wizard

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Updated Sep 12, 2016

The War is over...the Dark Lord is Dead...Albus is Dead...

Though not everything is going well for Harry Potter or lets just say for Luca Star Black. 

First the truth of who he is comes to light, then he is a Pure-Born not just a Pure-Blood. He always wondered why he was so tempermental the week of a Full-Moon. 

To top it off he has Suitors sending letters and gifts attempting to 'Court' him...but only one stands out will he accept this Derranged offer or will he continue to suffer the Magical Realms attempt to get him in 'Their' bed.

deathfire19 deathfire19 Dec 08, 2016
Because they either don't want to write them all down don't know exactly what to name them slim but likely possibility or don't want to write it down and come up with ones later and have people go that wasn't on the list
AJamlessMalfoy AJamlessMalfoy Nov 20, 2016
just imagine snape saying "hey" just...kahdbdhhdnmwi 😂😂😂
Please update I wanna know where the story is going. I really like it so far.
minu2014 minu2014 Sep 12, 2016
As always.. Your stories keep me surprising it.. Please keep writing all of your fanfic
What a coincidence really. Lycan is another word for werewolf too! Haha xD
JKcrazy JKcrazy Nov 20, 2016
Wait!!! Hold the phone! Harry id a boy but Luca sounds girley is Luca a boy or a girl???