Destiel Fluff

Destiel Fluff

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Thomas By Cas_tiel Updated Mar 06, 2015

Well... I'm stuck here with ideas for fanfics... So I'm going to set them all to fluffy-style (fallen Cas) Destiel one shots.
I would appriciate any requests, as well.
Thank you to all my loyal readers, greatly appreciated. 

And they are realated. Hehe. And pre-established relationship.

Mainly just happy stuff because I was told I owe it to my readers to give them something happy.

So, here goes nothing.

ASDFGHJKx__x ASDFGHJKx__x 4 days ago
I'm in my period and this is the first time I've smiled today
No, this is a cry for help. The author is obviously writing this from beyond the grave.
I'm going to sell my soul and give a werewolf my heart this is hearing me too much *goes to crossroads with werewolf on a leash*
It's okay to get high off Cas, it's not okay to get high off of a joint a guy named Don gave you.