The Niqabi and her Ceo

The Niqabi and her Ceo

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"Why me"I asked terrified of what his next answer would be "You can get any girl you want Mr Arif Khalid why me a simple Niqabi who is even an orphan why did you have  to force me to get married to you why me why do you want me"I added Ya Allah why me.

"Because you were destined to be mine Taqwa Halee"he smirked "only mine"he added in a whisper.

Taqwa Halee is a shy but defensive Niqabi who keeps to her self despite her parents death she's as strong as ever but one simple day that she bumped into the CEO of Khalid enterprises her life took a wild turn.

Arif Khalid is the CEO of Khalid enterprises he is blunt full of sarcasm and has a wall the size of China. Arif has a horrible past and relys on Allah on everything he does but when he bumps into a certain Niqabi that made his heart flip a thousand times well we all know Arif does anything to get what he wants even to threaten a certain Niqabi...

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maiza610 maiza610 Apr 09, 2017
Hi..nice story but please add punctuations..fullstops..its like reading in 1 breath..other then that..keep up e good werk..
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Jan 28, 2017
Lowe ur gaze but first check out the guy lol 😀😂it so happens that first we notice a person
- - Nov 29, 2016
Why do all girls meantaly scream 'lower your gaze' particularly after they have checked out the guy *sigh*
- - Nov 29, 2016
Awwww that's so sweet. I want to wear the niqab too, but somewhere after marriage.. lol
ShukriAbdikadir ShukriAbdikadir Nov 26, 2016
OMG will she get the job........???? I just wish she gets it .......she seems to need it to support herself....
iimanmaeen iimanmaeen Sep 12, 2016
Can't wait for the next update!! Plzz update soon insha Allah