The Valentines Day Video {COMPLETED} ((Editing))

The Valentines Day Video {COMPLETED} ((Editing))

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If you are still a bit sensitive about.. 'The video' I can assure you, this book barely has any mentions about it. If you hate the fact that I am talking about it, I'm sorry but this is just a story. Dan and Phil are very nice people and I know what happened, with the #NoHomoHowell and stuff. When I first wrote this,  I was so immature and dumb. Though people seemed to like it so.. I continued. The newer chapters DO NOT have any mentions at all and the story is completed, anyway. Enjoy the story ❤️

Phil has filmed a video no one was supposed to see. A video that was meant to be a prank. They both then get swarmed by comments and tweets about the video. They both slowly separate.
Dan isn't even mad at Phil ,but Phil feels like Dan hates him.
Phil blocks everyone out, including Dan. Will Phil ever talk to Dan again? Dan sure hopes so.

I'm editing this crusty story at the moment, so if you'd like you can NEVER READ THIS HORRIBLE STORY. thanks. :)

Sept. 11, 2016

Completed June 11th, 2017

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dil_howelter2 dil_howelter2 Apr 20, 2017
WTAF? I ALREADY WANT TO KILL SOMETHING! AAARRRGGGHHH! no jokes, rocking back and forth in chair trying not to cry
dil_howelter2 dil_howelter2 Apr 20, 2017
the video that should not be named repels me completely. its such a touchy subject for a WHOLE LOT of people. watching it is a feat within itself which shall not happen. disgustingly, there are many videos about it. do not remake it!    >:(
spoopybean_ spoopybean_ Feb 11
Well I'm sure they love each other but we can't confirm if its in the way we want it to be
VampyrSutton VampyrSutton Mar 16, 2017
I wouldn't be mad at you..
                              I also ate your cereal
                              What happened to not getting made at him 😂
oliveryikes oliveryikes Jun 07, 2017
I am so confused because I don't know what this is but I still read
oliveryikes oliveryikes Jun 07, 2017
I have hear of the Valentine's day video, and I kind of have an idea of what happens? But I haven't watched it and never knew what happened in the video and after, but.