Find Her ➵ Percy Jackson

Find Her ➵ Percy Jackson

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❝Sarcasm❞ By MaliaAndKiraAndLydia Updated 12 hours ago

The gods protected their children by putting them into a camp called Camp Half-Blood. 

But they kept a certain daughter of Athena with them to train and become a threat to all monsters. 

While she was sleeping, her "best friend" kidnapped her and took her to Gaea. 

Once the gods found out she was kidnapped they sent their best demigods to find her. 

Will the make it? Will love get involved? Read to find out! 

[On Going] 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. I only own the plot.

One thing, Percy Jackson would be the one who would be getting trained.
                              But I will read anyways!