Maid Of Mer

Maid Of Mer

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Christine Owen By Christine_Owen Completed

Aria is not like the Sirens. She lacks their sultry deception, the dark magic that lures sailors to enchanted demise. They call her the mer-maid, neither accepting Aria as part of the Mer nor being one of the daughters of men. 

Mer can be cursed. 
Men are food.
Love is forbidden. 

And one must never - ever - kiss a human.



"This book... Wow! Such gorgeous writing... Absolutely mes-MER-izing!"
- A.V. Geiger (@Adam_and_Jane)

"Incredibly hypnotic!"
- @spadesherwood

"I'm honestly crying this was so beautiful."
- @leaparden

"Quite the journey. I was truly immersed in the story, with all the beauty and creativity - it was simply incredible."
- @kionyx


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#3 in fantasy on January 16, 2017!

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pandemkay pandemkay Aug 18
Am I the only one missing the end of a lot of sentences? I'm so confused. Sounds like a great story, I'd love to read it when the sentences get finished.
NourM13 NourM13 Sep 30
You could say if you want " they've been reproducing all these years while we were just growing older" no?
I've had this book in my library for ages cause I had totally thought it would be a new boring story of the retelling of the little mermaid but this is quite good. I am glad i stuck around to read it.
Kurohana_ Kurohana_ Aug 13
I could learn from the way you describe. I'm so glad I found this story ;w;
J-D-Jacobs J-D-Jacobs Aug 23
This is so bad! The situation - not the story :D The story's superb!
RenDreemurr RenDreemurr Aug 05
I love the movie and all of the books!! (Took me a year after reading it to figure out it was a series!!)