One Last Week.

One Last Week.

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Ellie By glitterRosesxx Completed

Jake Taylor's life is perfectly fine.  He's on the basketball team, but he's not the star.  He goes on dates, but he's never had a serious girlfriend.

Then one day, he learns the best friend he'd ever had has committed suicide.  Jake's world is turned upside down.  He can't help but worry if it was his fault.  After all, he can't remember the last time he even talked to Adam.

The next morning, he wakes up to find that it's actually a week earlier.  Adam's still alive and Jake has one last week to try and save his friend's life.

cover by @diyamonds

I've really enjoyed this story so far, it has an interesting plot that kept me intrigued. So far it's been well written, and I didn't really notice any mistakes, I also found it easy to read.  The characters are relatable  and I felt like I was right there in the story!.
ThatSoAngie03 ThatSoAngie03 6 days ago
It's sad how people don't notice how different someone is until they either threatened to or actually kill themself