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The Selection RP {COMPLETE}

The Selection RP {COMPLETE}

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Eliara ↠ By Sniper152 Completed

All in the title, come join!

- - Sep 28, 2016
Name: Cassandra Williams
                              Caste: 3
                              Apperance: dark brown hair, nice smile, tan skin, big eyes
                              Likes: talking to peple, and dogs
                              Dislikes: mean people
                              Favorite traits in a prince: sweet funny, and charming
                              Password: Leo
myworldisnttaken myworldisnttaken Oct 10, 2016
Name: Emma Adams
                              Age: 17
                              Caste: 2
                              Appearance: Amber Heard
                              Personality: Kind, caring, sweet, loving, understanding, trustworthy.
                              Likes: Swimming, reading, horse riding.
                              Dislikes: Bullies, jerks, selfishness.
                              Favorite trait in a Prince: Kind, loving, compassionate.
                              Password: Cancer.
- - Feb 27
Lydia Felton 
                              (Where are the castes)
                              Danielle Campbell
                               sweet, a flirt, lovable, loyal, outgoing,sassy,humorous,caring
                              Nature,singing,adventures,spending time with friends and family 
                              Spiders,people arguing,big headed people
LordOfTheRingsGirl1 LordOfTheRingsGirl1 Oct 15, 2016
Name: Ella Summers
                              Age: 17
                              Caste: 5
                              Face claim: Maia Mitchell 
                              Personality: sweet, funny, kind, happy, intelligent, adventurous, stubborn, brave
                              Likes: singing, reading, writing, nature, swimming, animals
                              Dislikes: clowns, darkness, death
                              Favorite trait: their personality 
                              Password: Libra
Sniper152 Sniper152 Sep 24, 2016
I hope you don't mind me bothering you guys!! 😖😖
                              I know you guys do a lot of Selection Rps and I don't know a lot of people who you don't even have to join, but if you tag some people..that would great!!!
Miya_Fullbuster Miya_Fullbuster Oct 05, 2016
Name: Katelyn Miller
                              Age: 19
                              Caste: 5
                              Appearance: Will tag :3
                              Personality: Friendly, Nice, Kind, Helpful, Brave, Adventurous.
                              Likes: Animals, music, reading and drawing.
                              Dislikes: Mean people, thieves
                              Favorite traits in a prince: Kindness, charming
                              Password: Capricorn