{A Bittersweet Goodbye}~ [Levi X Reader] Book One

{A Bittersweet Goodbye}~ [Levi X Reader] Book One

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The fall of the Titans was wonderful. But they lost many in the past hundred years. Now they have to loose the one soldier that did mainly everything.

  . . .

  "I'm proud to be able.." [y/n]'s voice cracked. "To serve you all. I love all of you.. I'm sorry... " 

  Tears streamed down her face, placing her 3dm gear on the stage in the mess hall. She saluted once more as she slowly de-materialized. 

  That was the day Levi promised to himself..

  That he'll see you once again, in another life.

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She may be short,she may be small,she is gonna save that wall
she protecc
                              she attacc
                              but she wont come bacc
                              also im 5'2 irl
                              it's sad
SignoftheTiimes SignoftheTiimes Dec 15, 2016
Amzing even if im rereading it becase this is rewrting its sill so funny to read XD
StormShips26 StormShips26 Dec 19, 2016
Oh this will come as a pleasure. I get to murder Elsa. She must not get in the way of me and Levi's relationship. *creepy smile*
iGotJiKook iGotJiKook Oct 02, 2016
Heeyy, thx for voted my story, and yes i already vote you back