{A Bittersweet Goodbye}~ [Levi X Reader] Book One

{A Bittersweet Goodbye}~ [Levi X Reader] Book One

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"Because we have defeated and won against the Titans... I need to tell you a secret... One that I've been holding back to tell you guys ever since I've met you guys. I am (Full name). Daughter of Sebastian Michealis and I am...

  A demon from 1889 
      Victorian Ages
         No Titans 
  Mission; Kill Titans
     Help Humanity
    Rid the world of 
     Go Back Home

  They all look at my teary eyed figure in shock as I stood on the stage. And fear. I haven't said anything about being a demon. No one. Not even Levi.. though.. Hanji does....

  "I... I can't.. I can't undo any of it! I've made a contract with the space of time, because I'm supposed to be here. Supposed to help kill the titans. Just like a different me did before... But they keep stoic. The only things I've tampered with was... Petra, Oluo, Gunther, Erd... I saved them from their death and I'm happy... But probably punished for it, and .. And.. I'm sorry! I'm leaving tomorrow and I can't stop it. But I can reincarnate you guys..

  "This is my Bittersweet Goodbye."

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