Nurses Game.

Nurses Game.

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Cotton_C_Monster By Cotton_C_Monster Updated Jun 24, 2017


A six letter word that brings death with it. All was silent in the town of Flase Haven until a serial killer began to kill millions of people, making no one feel safe. Detective Wrecker and Smitty just so happen to be put on this wild crime and it's not going their way. Until they meet a certain Doctor who may just be of use.

Bryce McQuaid just so happens to run into all sorts of problems in search of the truth. Behind all the pages of the book he had become addicted too like a drug. A psychotic nurses journal may just get him killed.

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Nick_907 Nick_907 Apr 06, 2017
That my friend, is just plain creepy, but I still love it nonetheless!
Reflect_Re Reflect_Re Sep 17, 2016
I'm getting that feeling again. Like when someone slowly drags a knife into their arm and you could just imagine it on your arm and you self-consciously (or not) grip it or lightly touch it.
                              But I do love gore, thriller and horror! (Unless it includes dolls or clowns.)
HayloThere HayloThere Dec 06, 2016
*Has not touched a cat in years* ...... plz don't kill me....
wolfsorcerer wolfsorcerer Dec 29, 2016
I would get scared if a cat knocked down a garbage can behind me if I was drunk... maybe.