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Ms. Creepypasta By MsCreepyPasta0 Updated Dec 29, 2016

(y/n)-    Your name 

(f/n)-     Friends name

(e/c)-     Eye color

(s/c)-      Skin color 

(h/c)-      Hair color 

(y/s)-      Your street

    Story written by Bloodylolipop!

  • adult-language
  • horror
  • romance
Muromm Muromm Jan 30
Everyone in the comments is like " yup i can fight i do this and this" and I'm here like I can barely kick a ball i cant fight at all
Dude when I was in kindergarten I took down a twelve year old
I always call (f/n) asshat cause they either are actually assholes or are assholes that get y/n uni trouble XDD
too sexy for my shirt~
                              too sexy for my shirt~
                              so sexy it hurtssss\
KrazyKatBD KrazyKatBD Jan 31
B*TCH I WAS A BABY KICKBOXER!!! I GOT THROWN OUT FOR BEATING UP SOME KID TOO MUCH. YOU THINK PUNCHING IS THE WORST I'LL DO? I'll rip out your eyes and tear out your throat and then feast upon your innards just because I'm peckish and we ran out of cake.
                              Damn now I'm hungry.
My name is Selena in English but since I'm Japanese my name is Serena