Breathless - Teen Wolf

Breathless - Teen Wolf

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🌟🌟🌟 By fjkkd_xo Updated Nov 15

Sage Stilinski was many things;

A flirt, talkative, a sociopath with no emotional attachment to anybody...

That was possibly why many of the guys in Beacon Hills became breathless around her.

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Thai kind of reminds me of Rory from Gilmore girls when that guy(I think his name was chad or something) from her school said that he loved her and she said 
                              "Well good luck with that"
                              I absolutely loved that part
I feel sorry for that guy, like he fell in love and she don't feel the same way
Drnwagn06 Drnwagn06 Jul 06
Totally forgot what i was reading. Definitely thought you were making a "he went to Jared" joke cause of the possible proposal. Not thinking right now lol
When she has no emotion attachment to anything and you only have to read 1 chapter to fall in love 😂😂
youd think this story would be based in high school bUT NOPE
ItzRoseee ItzRoseee Jan 02
who can hate Stiles? I mean its STILES! The best of the pack honestly :)