Let's go to Hell ||Complete||

Let's go to Hell ||Complete||

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Amber has her first crush, which is exciting and new and fun and makes her feel all warm and girly inside. It just so happens to be on a guy involved with demons and working for the Devil. And she might have totally destroyed his life. But she can fix this! Amber is completely sure she can fix everything . . . maybe.

Being smart is one thing. Outsmarting the Devil is another.

*This is the new and improved, reworked version! I actually wrote it years ago and finally got around to a good edit. Feel free to point out anything I missed or need to work on. Otherwise, enjoy!*

brucerelgin brucerelgin Jun 16, 2014
This has such a distinct, frenetic voice...it's quite addictive!
brucerelgin brucerelgin Apr 15, 2014
Amber is an awesome character!  I can't wait to find out how she ends up in hell!
jesicaroses92 jesicaroses92 Jul 25, 2012
Girl I like your books we talk sometime it would be really nice
sunshineluver sunshineluver Jul 22, 2011
"it burned my eyeballs and I wad forever blind. THE END" lol that was hilarious! :,D
Turquoise Turquoise May 19, 2011
haha. You're hilarious. It's like you're telling the story as it flows. Constant momentum and it's funny.
KadgeY KadgeY Jan 30, 2011
lol. This is great :) Really enjoyed reading it and yes, I say "lol" meaning
                              YOU MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! :D :D :D
                              Yup. :]