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❝I'm not afraid of what he'll do to me. I'm afraid of what I'll do to him. I'm a monster.❞

He's a shell of a good man who lost everything he ever loved in return for a new life he never asked for. She's a crumpled picture, someone who covers up everything possible so that she doesn't hurt anyone else that she loves or cares about.

Both are almost broken beyond repair.


[AU - after Avengers 1 +2 and Winter Soldier, but new timeline after that]
[extended summary available inside]

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Puntrumpet Puntrumpet Mar 09
I would've put a rather large stake that it was true if someone wanted to bet that with me
Steve...I feel so bad for the poor guy. Bucks all he has left of his past
Steve: Bucky?
                              Bucky: surprise bitch 
                              Steve: ...
                              Bucky: I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
I mean...Same. considering I'm this smol weakling that can barely lift my dog I prefer behind the scenes too
Texas food is fricken awesome. And the weather is bipolar. Love it
- - Dec 13, 2016
You have me breaking down in tears right now, all of these lyrics? They're my story. They're calling to me.