The One Who Never Loved

The One Who Never Loved

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Alice_In_Story_Land By Alice_In_Story_Land Updated Nov 08, 2017

Almost every girl wants to fall in love. They want a perfect guy to sweep them off their feet.
Well, not Willow White. She wants to stay away from love at all cost.

Willow has 3 rules:
Rule 1: Never fall in love.
Rule 2: Never waste her life.
Rule 3: Never sacrifice her life for anyone.

What will happen when her rules start to break one by one?
Who caused them to fall apart?

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EzViolet EzViolet Dec 24, 2017
Sounds like the Dursleys.. Are you Harry Potter’s long lost sister??? 
                              Sorry i just had to, okay.😂😂
MillyBrown3 MillyBrown3 Dec 24, 2017
Don't be his friend , you know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning, and if you're under him,you ain't getting over him
Just today I got SUPER mad at some kid and yelled at him and practically destroyed the table with my fists right in front of the new kid. I have fairly large temper I think.
satanicgiggles satanicgiggles Dec 25, 2017
we’ve been going at this play for a few months now it’s torture because it’s an awful story 🤦🏻‍♀️
PaolaBarboza3 PaolaBarboza3 Dec 28, 2017
I hate my English teacher she gave me a 58 on my essay and I had to actually read the book to write it
PaolaBarboza3 PaolaBarboza3 Dec 28, 2017
*guy confesses*
                              Me * happily rejects him*
                              Me *complains about not having a boyfriend*