The One Who Never Loved

The One Who Never Loved

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Alice_In_Story_Land By Alice_In_Story_Land Updated Dec 22, 2016

Almost every girl wants to fall in love. They want a perfect guy to sweep them off their feet.
Well, not Willow White. She wants to stay away from love at all cost.

Willow has 3 rules:
Rule 1: Never fall in love.
Rule 2: Never waste her life.
Rule 3: Never sacrifice her life for anyone.

What will happen when her rules start to break one by one?
Who caused them to fall apart?

aratsune aratsune Dec 30, 2016
So when it comes naturally doesn't that make you a mean person?
That is probably the exact opposite of what is going to happen in this book
haileyfox_ haileyfox_ Dec 29, 2016
I would like an explanation on how exactly that is supposed to teach you a life learning lesson?
Laucutie_13 Laucutie_13 Jan 01
Ok so I don't know if its true but I heard that the song is gay and how it can kill gay ppl😐
kikilawls95 kikilawls95 a day ago
Bruh I am a freshman and we had like a week and half to read the book and do a project on it. Smh.
abbie_thebookworm abbie_thebookworm Dec 29, 2016
Other than all the boys asking her out and her mum being dead I can relate to her so much