BADASS (Troyler AU)

BADASS (Troyler AU)

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Troye's a goodie-two-shoes who lets his friends talk him into breaking into Tyler Oakley, a rich guy's home. 

Tyler doesn't seem to mind at all, no, he has other things in mind.

// this story took a smutty turn, this is the only warning so read at your own "risk" //

Cluckiea Cluckiea Aug 17
I know this is long time ago. Th t sounded Russian in my head lol. But I'm your babe? I'm down.
Cluckiea Cluckiea Aug 17
I love that cheeky little pun there you beautiful bastard QUEEN daddy boi smol bean cinnamon roll cuteness psychotic troll. What the hell did I just write?
HypnoticHoe HypnoticHoe Jun 04
Nop thats illegal sorry conner you're gonna have to fuc outta here
unclegem unclegem Nov 26, 2016
Wait hang on is this a reference to when Tyler said "how are you, Troye" and he goes "I'm nineteen" and also what video was that its bugging me
babyboy_fem_tyler babyboy_fem_tyler Oct 16, 2016
See you! I'll have a tub full of grapes next time! Freshly picked!
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