BADASS (Troyler AU)

BADASS (Troyler AU)

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katizzles By itsthekat Updated Dec 01

Troye's a goodie-two-shoes who lets his friends talk him into breaking into Tyler Oakley, a rich guy's home. 

Tyler doesn't seem to mind at all, no, he has other things in mind.

// lots of smut, wasn't intended but it happened so enjoy //

unclegem unclegem Nov 26
Wait hang on is this a reference to when Tyler said "how are you, Troye" and he goes "I'm nineteen" and also what video was that its bugging me
Chibiipie Chibiipie Sep 15
*counts on fi gers to see if age difference is still the same* 
casaki casaki Sep 20
Oh my satan give me a second to take that information in wow
casaki casaki Sep 20
I didn't sign up for this. You don't get any grapes for four chapters now. That is your punishment.
egyederika egyederika Sep 16
as much as I love hot chocolate, especially free hot chocolate.. really, Tyler?? they are seniors in high school, not kindergarden 👀
casaki casaki Sep 20
YASSSS SHOWER ME WITH THE GRAPESSSS HERE I HAVE SOME FOR YOU TOO *signals for the plane to drop its load of grapes*