Miss Alpha vs Mr Rogue

Miss Alpha vs Mr Rogue

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Meet Alexia Crescent. The Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. She took this title from her father two years ago, when she was 18. She is one of the most ruthless and merciless Alpha. Also she is the first female Alpha since a long time. There is only one thing in which she believes the most - Mates are weak. 

Meet Lucas Denver. The lonely rogue. He was kicked out of his pack, because he was thought to have killed his mother. The only reason he hasn't killed himself is the little wolf - Scott, a 10 year old werewolf, kicked out of his pack 2 years ago because he shifted too soon. 

One day these two see each other. The first thought they get is to reject each other. But soon Lucas accepts their bond. But will Alexia?


P. S. Might have slightly harsh language.

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Man you need a Parenting 101 lesson...wow he definitely loose a knot there. 😣
YerpItsAsh YerpItsAsh Jun 29
she reminds me of Simons from britans got talent.
                              just hates everyone
shivanikulkarni1911 shivanikulkarni1911 Jul 11, 2017
Finally found a non clinchè werewolf novel and I love you for writing something new..!!
- - Jun 20, 2017
This is probably the most un-cliche warewolf book;at least it sounds like it.....only one way to really find out though!
PrettyYoungThing123 PrettyYoungThing123 Sep 08, 2017
Bc at the end of the day you will love him or her no matter what
BlueWolf-Unleashed BlueWolf-Unleashed Jan 19, 2017
She would technically be luna and not alpha. Only a male can be called alpha