Objects Of Devotion (Scömìche)

Objects Of Devotion (Scömìche)

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Ehcimocs By Ehcimocs Updated Oct 10, 2016

NEW STORY: A homage to Isaac Asimov's robot stories with a Scömìche twist

Everything about today has Agent Scott Hoying supremely unsettled. And it's barely even started. Three impossible things before breakfast are three things too many. He has so many questions about the chain of events that have led him here, standing utterly stunned in front of the Director of the Federal Robotics Agency, that he doesn't even know where to start.

"She's your what?!" Scott says, incredulously.

Shout out to the obscenely talented ptxcaz on tumblr; I've used their beautiful drawing for the cover.

Check out more of their amazing work here: http://ptxcaz.tumblr.com

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ausllylover16 ausllylover16 Sep 26, 2017
I swear I've heard of this ship before and it's a little weird but I'll go with it
saffyrose saffyrose Aug 24, 2017
this is reminding me of death note - with Mitch/L going completely against the expectations of Scott/The Detectives/Light
A_Mitch_And_A_Half A_Mitch_And_A_Half Jan 04, 2017
Ooh, intriguing!  A+ for creativity.  And for making me LMAO at Mitch's description as a world expert on deviant behavior
sapphiremoon13 sapphiremoon13 Jan 21, 2017
No one can fail to notice his beauty, no matter what state their in.
dsdptx dsdptx Sep 14, 2016
So much yes! Please keep writing. So so excited. Btw why is Scott so hot?! I love him.